My name is Adam Konrad. I’m a computer programmer and video game developer working at Bethesda Game Studios.

I was born in Czechoslovakia in 1984. Very early I found interest in engineering and technology. Growing up, my main hobbies centered around electronics, circuits, and video games.

My parents played an important part in my early life. My mother enrolled me in private English lessons, and my father brought home the first personal computer. I soon discovered the world of video games and one day in 1993, my step brother brought home a very popular new video game: DOOM.

During my studies, I began hosting a TV show about video games on Czech TV called Game Page. It was around this time that I decided to try to break into the video game industry as a programmer. The first breakthrough towards this goal was a collaboration with the Czech magazine SCORE, resulting in my first multiplayer game based on the open-source Quake 3: Arena engine: FPSCORE.

Before I graduated from university, I was invited to join the team at Escalation Studios in Dallas as a programmer. Over the years, myself and the team at Escalation went on to complete many successful projects including the DOOM SnapMap editor released alongside DOOM in 2016.

In my career, I strive to specialize in everything related to programming and architecture of online services. To achieve the highest level of competency, I’ve also become an AWS Cloud Architect Professional.

I have two motivations for offering this website: sharing my story, and improving my writing. I couldn’t think of a better place to do it.